New album COVER CROP is released!

Album cover for Cover Crop by Amber Rubarth.  Cover songs woven into a narrative around nature, regenerative farming, sustainability.
Happy release day to my new album COVER CROP! All 15 songs self-recorded and produced alone at home in the woods with windows open and birds singing, streams a-streamin, owls a-hootin! I invite you to listen in order to get the lyrical narrative woven through - a disconnection and remembrance of our interconnectivity with nature. Artwork created by naturalist artist Mirella Salamé with earth pigments.

I learned about cover crops while volunteering at a nearby farm here in the Hudson Valley; farmers know you can’t just plant, harvest, plant, harvest, or you'll deplete the soil - so they cycle in cover crops (crimson clover, ryegrass, field peas!) not for their own taking but as gifts protecting and nourishing the soil itself, an acknowledgment of our interconnectedness.

COVER CROP out now everywhere! Also earth-friendly tees and totes hand-drawn with my blue pen, hand-printed on organic, recycled cotton, and limited edition crimson clover Cover Crop seed packets (created by the Hudson Valley Seed Co.) for the first 500 download orders!
Do something sweet for the environment today - give her a hug, flirt a little, ask what she needs! Love you all, thanks for listening.

Please check out my new partnership with Unmanageable Arts to find out more about COVER CROP MUSIC community offerings and how to support more sustainability with the world around us.

xX Amber
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