Wish We'd Gotten Drunk

I wish we'd gotten drunk
And fallen down confused
And I wish we'd gotten drunk
So the kiss had an excuse
But the wine was left unopened
And the whiskey untouched too
And now I'm wide awake and wondering what am I to do

I wish we'd gotten hammered
And passed out in the dark
And I wish I'd slurred my words
When I said you had my heart
But we were walking straight
And I enunciated well
And now there's no way for me to pardon myself

And you were so nice, yeah you were so nice
Such a gentleman you are
Oh and I was being too nice, I was being way too nice
I was carelessly holding your heart

Good thing it's never too late to get tanked
And claim the whole thing was misconstrued
It's never too late to get tanked
And shake that guilt loose
The wine's ready to open
And there's whiskey for two
So in the morning when we wake up
We can blame it all on the booze
Music & Lyrics by Amber Rubarth © 2009